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Dallas, TX Psychotherapist, Mason McCamey, MS, LPC Provides In-Office Therapy to Help Manage Many Life Issues

In-Office Therapy in Dallas, TX: Do you suffer from anxiety, struggle to face your day on a regular basis, or constantly fight with family and loved ones? Have you been through a life transition that you are struggling with or having a hard time coming to terms with certain events in your life? If so, a visit to Dallas Psychotherapist, Mason McCamey, MS, LPC can help turn things around. Mason has worked with clients of all ages in a variety of settings since 2012. These settings include sessions in inpatient short-term and long-term treatment, outpatient therapy sessions, and sessions in psychiatric and correctional institutions.

McCamey Counseling has worked extensively with clients in times of crisis, particularly those within the ages of 10-25 years old. Mason’s experience makes him one of the most sought after psychotherapists in Dallas, Texas. He helps his patients through their difficulties and assists them through the process in order to help them become whole once again. Not only will he give you the tools you need to work through the difficult issues at hand but you will become more prepared to combat those problems if they crop up again.

Common Struggles for Those Who Seek Counseling with Mason

Whether you are struggling individually, having a hard time as a family unit or failing to see eye-to-eye with your partner or spouse, Mason can help turn things around. The following are only a select few of the many life issues psychotherapist, Mason McCamey can help you manage at his Dallas office:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
  • Grief and Loss
  • Abuse
  • PTSD or Issues Related to Trauma
  • Conflicts in Relationships (Family Relationship, Spousal Relationships, Peer Relationships)
  • Life Transitions or Adjusting to Change
  • Affirming Therapy for the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Personality Disorders

In-Office Therapy Sessions at Our Dallas, TX Office are Extremely Beneficial

McCamey Counseling is well-versed in assisting to bring families together during times of crisis and helping the family unit work through any issues presented while opening the doors to long-lasting change. A typical therapy session with Mason is 50 minutes, but assessments and consultation times may vary depending on the client. As a client-therapist relationship is a relationship in and of itself, please come prepared to relax in an affirming, private environment for your first appointment and every following session. If it is your first time visiting Mason, please come 15 minutes early to fill out initial paperwork. You can also click below to download and complete the form in the convenience of your own home prior to your appointment.

McCamey Counseling’s goal is to support each client and their family system as they work through their tough times in addition to providing them with a safe and comfortable environment that allows for open dialogue, non-judgmental conversation and self-exploration. Put yourself and your loved ones on track to better health by scheduling an in-office therapy session with us today.

Mason McCamey, Psychotherapist

Book your therapy session with McCamey Counseling. We have evening appointments available and look forward to helping you.

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